Qld floods 2013

Yours or mine?

Natural disasters inevitably bring about tales of despair and disaster. They are also the source of miracles and amazing stories of heroism.

Returning to work in early 2013 after Queensland’s big wet where much of the state was inundated, any thoughts of personal discomfort were quickly discarded when hearing of other people’s situations. Seventy-two hours without electricity, loss of water supply, properties flooded…

We can tend to think that our own concerns are the worst possible, the most challenging circumstance imaginable. They are obviously the most significant for ourselves, since we are the people immediately and directly affected. However, gaining perspective can sometimes give us, well, perspective.

Knowing others are in a more precarious situation or are facing more challenging times does not reduce the importance of what we’re facing. It does, though, enable us to understand why others may not be able to support us at this time due to their own circumstances. It may also allow us to identify that we could be in a position to temporarily put aside our issues to support those who are worse-off than ourselves.

We should not ignore our problems and, similarly, we should not ignore problems of others. We may even be able to prioritize someone else’s needs above our own.

Perhaps we should first ask this of ourselves – are our problems, at this time, the most deserving of our energy?


Photo source: http://m.thereporter.com.au/photos/big-wet-hits-queensland/18051/

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