Your past – an anchor or a springboard?

When are the best years of your life?

Was it at school or university? Or do you look back fondly on a particular year or even decade?

Have the best years of your life been and gone or are you looking forward to even more adventure and ‘awesomeness’ (to quote Po from Kung Fu Panda)?

Enjoying a conversation recently with a new friend, I was surprised to hear my friend mention very knowingly that a period in her life about 20 years ago was “definitely the best years of my life”.

This got me to thinking…

Are we hoping, expecting a brighter future? Even if we’ve enjoyed tremendous times in the past (which I hope we all have) are we actively building towards many more such times?

My friend noted a number of very challenging incidents since the “best years of her
life” and believes that the adventure and fun symbolic of her ‘best years’ will not be revisited because of these incidents.

What events are we allowing to define us?

Are we allowing a negative situation to anchor us in the past or are we using our experiences as a springboard into the next, more promising, phase of our lives?

Glory days or eagerly anticipating tomorrow? It’s our call.

Let hope rise.

2 thoughts on “Your past – an anchor or a springboard?”

  1. Great words Mark, and very applicable to be thinking about such things on the upcoming rememberance date of 9/11. Awesome timing for this post 🙂

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