Lacking experience? That could be the key…

Now I’m all for simply having a go, trying something for the first time. But if we wish to excel then a little experience goes a long way!

The incredible learning from this idea is that it doesn’t have to be YOUR experience. Our lack of experience should not prevent us from tackling a challenge, rather it should excite us to combine our fresh, unbiased perspective with the practical experience of others. This could provide the key for not only you succeeding but it may also empower someone else who had a go and gave up, to go again!

Look around you. Are there people attempting things, achieving things that YOU would like to achieve? I hope so. Because we need to surround ourselves with people who will positively challenge us to rise up, to step out of our comfort zone and to grow into our potential. Once you’ve identified these people, get alongside them, share their journey to harness their passion, their knowledge, their skills. It is amazing how enthusiastic others become of you when you support their journey.

We begin our lives that way. No skills, no knowledge, operating purely on instinct. Thankfully, our parents come around us, encouraging us to roll, to take that extra step, to climb, to jump and to run! We simply respond to their encouragement, not understanding what failure is, only revelling in the excitement that surrounds us when we clap our hands, utter our first word, or toilet successfully!

When you’re next faced with what you see as a challenge, view it as an opportunity to build relationships, to share a journey, to grow into your potential. Your lack of experience may be the key!


Image credit: nexusplexus / 123RF Stock Photo

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