Yes, I own a people-mover…

Being the proud dad to 4 boys almost demands that my garage is occupied by a people mover. This vehicle has certainly moved lots of people beyond our immediate family over the past 5 years including road trips to North Queensland and New South Wales’
Central Coast plus countless adventures to soccer grounds far and wide!

This travelling takes it toll –  a noticeable shake seemingly consumed the car with my astute mechanic identifying loose engine mounts as the cause.

Rectifying this problem took a few hours, a few dollars and a small measure of inconvenience. The result however was outstanding! Immediately smoother ride, less noise and the CD player boomed back into life. Yep, replace the engine mounts and the CD player is restored!  I suspect the constant bounce caused by the loose engine mounts wreaked havoc with the CD laser diode and sensor; a smooth ride now means the CD player can do its job.

I take from this a genuine life principle: when you correct one major problem, other minor problems are also fixed in the process. I was planning to address the CD issue
as a stand-alone problem, separate to the more significant engine mounts drama.

Sometimes we need to tackle the big issues first – invest some time, heed the
wisdom of experts, incur a cost and expect to be inconvenienced. The bonus
results though may surprise you!

Let hope rise.

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