Would YOU buy from YOU?

In a world where much is the same, what is different about YOU?

In marketing terms, what is your USP – your Unique Selling Proposition? What differentiates you from every other Tom, Dick and Harriet in this world? The USP concept suggests that advertising campaigns make unique propositions to the customer to encourage them to use a particular product. Conveying this to the world of people, what are each of us proposing to those with whom we interact to encourage them to trust us, to engage with us, to connect with us…?

The USP is not so much about how an object looks, it’s more about what does the object say about you and to you. As people, what does what we say and what we do tell others?

What spirit are we carrying? Do we encourage and empower or do we take down and ridicule?

What about our language? Does it proclaim life, energy, victory or does it suggest beaten and lifeless?

The term USP has been largely replaced in modern marketing by the concept of a Positioning Statement with a position often described as the meaningful difference between the brand and its competitors. So what is our meaningful difference?

Would you buy from yourself?


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One thought on “Would YOU buy from YOU?”

  1. I’m going to have to ponder this question for awhile. Both questions: “Would you buy from yourself?”and “What is different about me?”

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