Why it’s important to stay on track

We often hear about treading the well-worn path and I know, as a dad, I’d much prefer my boys to follow a path about which I have gained insight and experience that I can share.

Even when we’re on a designated route, the temptation of taking a short-cut is very real – the allure of reaching our objective in less time is very attractive, particularly after an arduous journey! When we’re next presented with a short-cut though, think of this sign I encountered on a recent bush-walk:

Shortcuts cause serious erosion and harm threatened plants. Walkers who shortcut often become lost or injured, leading to expensive and dangerous search operations.”

Whilst the journey along the well-worn path may present challenge the shortcut can often result in a much worse situation, not just for ourselves but for those who are looking out for us. The cost of recovery from the shortcut could be significant in terms of time, money and effort.

Stay on track!


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One thought on “Why it’s important to stay on track”

  1. That’s a thought provoking analogy. We tend to be arrogant enough that whatever is novel must be better. The old paths are mostly regarded as antiquated and ineffective.
    I’m going to share your blog with my husband. I think he will enjoy your take on life and fatherhood.
    (followed you over from “a difference for you loved ones” 😀 )

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