Whose umbrella are you under?

If you stand under an umbrella in the rain, you’ve significantly increased your chances of remaining dry. Conversely, if you elect to jump out from beneath the brolly you will get wet.  This is a simple enough principle which I’m sure we all understand! How about we apply this then to our everyday life?

Now before you think I’ve gone all strange on you, I am talking about positioning. Think about it – where we position ourselves determines what we “get” on us. Back to the weather example, if we’re standing in the rain, we will get wet but if we’re under cover we’ll stay dry. If we position our lives under inspiring bold leadership, then we have increased our chances of being impacted by that inspiring bold leadership. It can be a little uncomfortable and challenging holding that umbrella amongst everything else we’re carrying but that’s the choice and opportunity before us.

Similarly, if we position our lives under the influence of television and media, then don’t be surprised if The Beauty & the Geek becomes your cornerstone and you actually believe that Today Tonight et al are examples of investigative journalism (but that’s a post for another day!). All I’m saying is that we if allow ourselves to be influenced by something, it will be outworked through our lives in the opinions we hold, the words we speak and the choices we make.

The exciting thing is that if you’re not entirely satisfied with what your life is “producing” at the moment, you can reposition yourself towards your preferred outcomes.  Be deliberate – wisely choose an umbrella to stand under!

Let hope rise.

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4 thoughts on “Whose umbrella are you under?”

  1. Great words to hear for this time of year Mark, as we tend to let things go a bit ‘blah’ when it’s the time of the year we most need energy and inspiration!

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