Who’s your priority?

Have you ever turned up on time for a meeting and the other party was a no-show? Perhaps you even tried calling the other person and it went straight to voicemail? I bet you didn’t feel particularly special at that time.

I certainly didn’t when this happened to me recently. I was due to meet someone who would help me assess the fittability of this particular business as a potential franchisee. The meeting had been planned a couple of weeks in advance, recognising the busyness of our respective schedules. I arrived early and waited until ten minutes after the appointed time. Yep, it was a no-show.

Now there may have been an emergency situation. There could have been a myriad of reasons, all perfectly legitimate, as to why the other party couldn’t make our appointment. Regardless, at the time I did not feel particularly enamoured towards this person nor the business he represented. I did not feel as if I was a priority.

How often do we not value someone else’s time, let alone their knowledge or skills? How often, either by our own inaction or forgetfulness, do we convey the message “you are not a priority”?

If we are running late, if we cannot make an appointment, the least we must do is notify the other party as soon as practical and to then go out of our way to make things right. Let’s show people that they are a priority. Let our actions loudly declare “you matter”.

What about you – have you a people-priority story to share?


Image credit: iqoncept / 123RF Stock Photo