Who’s watching?

“HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PERSON?” screamed the headline in our local community newspaper alongside an image from a security camera. The person is wanted in relation to stealing from a suburban shop.

It’s very likely the person in the photo did not realise they had been caught on film, and almost certainly did not realise their image would then be published for their family, friends and neighbours to see.

We never know who’s watching…

As a parent, even when I don’t think my kids are aware of what I’m doing, there’s every chance one of the four is watching. As an employee, even when I think I’m alone, there’s probably a colleague observing. As a neighbour, I’m confident one of neighbours will always be watching!

The bottom line is if we have to sneak around because we don’t want “others” to see, then maybe we need to check what we’re doing. After all, even when I think no-one is watching, I know at least I am.


Photo: Used with permission via 123RF Stock Photos

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