Who, what, where?

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An Australian Prime Minister once said “Life was never meant to be easy”. This may seem a little gloomy however it was in fact a challenge to take on the difficult tasks. The statement was actually a paraphrase of a line from a George Bernard Shaw play – Life is not meant to be easy, my child; but take courage: it can be delightful.

That pretty much sums up what you will find here; an understanding that life can be tough, but with courage and a dash of wisdom it can be enjoyed!

I’m living in Brisbane with my amazing family. I have been blessed with a family of four young men (each unique!) and a wife (just one…) who collectively both challenge and inspire me. A twenty-plus year career has spanned the recruitment and public sectors, interspersed with 2 start-up enterprises. My personal focus is to empower, enable and equip, supporting individuals practically and through my writing to be all that they are called to be.


7 thoughts on “Who, what, where?”

  1. I LOVE your encouragements. I think that is what the world needs so much more of: Us happy people share how we stay joyful, especially with those Who do not know Him yet.
    We need more of you in this hopeless world on a downward spiral.
    I am very new at this and have no clue about computer stuff. I will go to my Mac Friends, since even the website I made with my Mac doesn’t show up anywhere. I will pray for you to inspire us. Please pray for me to get with it with the computer stuff. Have an awesome Resurrection day with your family. God bless you all!

  2. Hi Mark

    Finally stopped what I was doing long enough to read your blog. My apologies. As it turns out You are smack dab on my page! Unbelievable coincidence… or just God doing what He does… Either way, thanks for taking the time to pen/key your thoughts. I’ll be reading from now on. God love you and your cotton socks Mark Mahoney!!!


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