Who do you know?

Landing a job used to be about who you knew. Some say it’s now about the process and learning how to deal with big business… or is it?

The value of personal connection can never be underestimated. Whilst resume scanning tools are increasing in popularity, you first have to know about the opportunity. This is where personal relationships, who you know, comes into it.

Be deliberate, even strategic, in cultivating connections within your chosen industry and even outside of it. Be honest and confident. Bring a sense of fun and value-adding. Be the one to talk about solutions and opportunities, not problems and roadblocks. These things create an atmosphere where people will want to connect with you.

I was recently challenged with a different perspective on this term “networking”. Rather than seeing it as a task required to build a career or business, view it as a destiny opportunity. It could just be that the new person in the group may be the one to unlock a door of opportunity for you in the future. It could also be that you may be holding the key for someone else’s future…it’s worth considering!

Relationships will mean nothing if you’re not ready to act. The saying “success occurs when opportunity and preparedness meet” in this context means that you must have your resume ready or be able to demonstrate your work product. It’s little point opening a door if you can’t step through when you need to!

Securing a career or business opportunity continues to involve many variables. I cannot predict how these variables will change into the future but I can assure you that personal relationship will always be of paramount importance.


This post continues The Best “You”! career development series drawing upon my 15+ years experience as a recruiter, team leader & CV writer. I’d love to hear your thoughts! See my previous post here!

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