Who are YOU influencing?

It has been said that if you think you’re leading but no-one is following, then you’re actually just taking a walk!

The truth, though, is that we ALL lead. John Maxwell said it best when stating that leadership is influence – no more, no less. We all have the capacity to influence (and yes, we actually do influence others!) through what we say, what we do and how we go about what we do.

Whether we think so or not, whether we want them to or not, people are influenced by us – our spouses, our children, our work colleagues, our team mates, our friends, even passers-by.

We can influence positively, or not.

We can encourage and uplift, or not.

We can guide and support, or not.

We can empower and equip, or not.

Look around – who are YOU influencing?

Let Hope Rise.

3 thoughts on “Who are YOU influencing?”

  1. All too true Mark. the key to an effective life is not just to increase our influence but to choose positivly influence those currently in our world.

    1. Absolutely Geoff. Influence is influence – be it positive or negative. The idea of planning, of being strategic, in how we influence is one that should become second nature.

  2. Awesome blog Mark! I would have to question how I spend my influence, and comment that I think you are using yours wisely!

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