Aust Draught Horse

Which horse are you?

Wikipedia is the font of all information: accurate / inaccurate, useful / utterly useless! I was reading recently about the Australian Draught Horse. A workhorse known for its “strength and good temperament”, it’s capable of pulling loads for long periods, often working as part of a team and in very challenging environments. Compare this to a thoroughbred. The traditional choice for sprint racing, they perform with maximum exertion for relatively short stanzas, which has resulted in high accident rates and more health problems relative to most other breeds.

Which horse are you?

I ask this in the politest tone possible, of course, without any implication of your physical appearance! Our focus, or approach, however, is being called into question.

Are we the endurance model – consistent, steady and primed for the long haul? Or are we the sprinter – capable of immense activity but only for a short season? There are times when we are called to run. And we should run hard. But if our focus is short bursts then we will be ultimately overrun by the endurance versions.

I think life is better served as an endurance race, rather than a series of short, sharp events. Our ability to run consistently rather than hard for a season will see us endure and overcome.

So back to my earlier question, which horse are you?


What do you think?