what's your story

What’s your story?

I love people watching. Not in the stalker sense, but rather observing people interact, preferably whilst I’m enjoying a darn fine coffee. What I’ve come to realise simply by observation, is that we each have a story.

Watching a young couple push a pram begs the question how did they meet? Perhaps they’re from opposite sides of the world or maybe they grew up together as neighbours. Every single one of us has a story. A story that defines who we are. A story that explains our decisions. A story that maps our future.

The unfortunate thing is that very few of us think our stories are worth sharing. We tend to think that because it’s our story, that it’s insignificant; that’s it just part of the puzzle of who we are. The opposite, in fact, is true. It’s because it is OUR story which makes it significant. My story belongs exclusively to me. Your story is entirely yours.

I recently posted the eulogy I was privileged to share at my dad’s funeral. It was during the writing of this piece it was again confirmed that EVERYONE has a story. Sitting down with my mum I discovered aspects of my dad which I either wasn’t aware of or didn’t fully appreciate until I had this fresh perspective.

Whilst each of our stories is unique, the potential impact of those stories is not. What I can learn, and have indeed learned, from someone else’s story has shaped my future, the part of my story that is yet unwritten. I can seek to deliver a different ending by taking heed of others’ experiences, through understanding their stories.

Let’s celebrate our own story. Let’s allow others to share theirs.


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