What’s your picker’s passion?

I’ve only recently been introduced to this term “picker” via Mike and Frank’s exploits on the TV series ‘American Pickers’.  What captivates me about what could easily be a rather benign reality show, is the sense of adventure and history driven by genuine passion.

The enthusiasm and energy of Mike and Frank as they forage their way across America in search of lost treasures is all-encompassing. So much so, that I want to be a picker! I reckon I could uproot my family, transplant ourselves to Iowa and offer myself as an intern picker!

Passion is infectious. Not pretend enthusiasm or feigned interest, but rather the genuine, personal passion. When we’re passionate about something, this IS noticed and allies to our cause are found. When we’re driven by a deep-rooted purpose, we’ll climb the obstacles, ferret through the mess, pay the price and come through smiling at the end of the day. We’ll be okay with a hard day’s work, be motivated by the journey, be excited about what’s coming next.

Do you have a picker’s passion? Have you even allowed yourself to be passionate?

Break the shackles, unleash the passion within and enjoy a bigger world, a more excited world, and a world where others join you.


Image credit: http://au.tv.yahoo.com/plus7/american-pickers/

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