What’s your handicap?

Handicapping in horse-racing parlance refers to the additional lead weight horses carry in an effort to equalize the chances of winning across the field. Yet, in life, many of us also carry additional weight irrespective of our chances of winning.

What additional weight are you carrying?

Running up a sand dune under the blazing sun is a difficult enough task, let alone if we’re carrying an extra 20 kilos (that’s about 44 lbs for my international readers!). It’s not necessarily the task before us, it’s more often the weight we’re carrying that can determine the outcome.

This weight is multi-dimensional. It may be negative words spoken over our lives. It may be “stinking thinking” where our thoughts reverts to all our previously unsuccessful attempts. It could be fear. It could even be someone else’s struggles.

Whether we’re handicapped by our lead in our saddlebags or if indeed it’s someone else’s lead we’re carrying, we will never be able to freely run. And if we’re leading a team (which could be our family) then that team will never be able to freely run. We need to make a conscious decision to discard the weight, to address the issues, to choose to do life differently.

We can either bemoan the weight we’re carrying or we can set it free to set ourselves free.


Photo: Royalty free image purchased via 123RF Stock Photos

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