What’s your elevator pitch?

Have you ever asked someone what they do and after 5 minutes of swings and roundabouts, umms and ahhhs, you’re still none the wiser? You may be the one who struggles when this is asked of you.

An elevator pitch is a classic business term with the basic premise of being able to succinctly, confidently and passionately outline your business offer (or value proposition) in the time it takes for an elevator ride, say 1-2 minutes. An elevator pitch though is key for everyone who seeks to be an influencer. It does not have to be restricted purely to business, it equally applies to social connections and expanding your sphere of influence. And it really just makes you a darn sight more interesting!

Think of who you are, what you’re passionate about, what you wish to achieve. I’m not talking about the Miss World statements to rid the world of hunger, but what do you REALLY want to do?

Are you an aspiring architect who’s relishing the challenge of university study whilst working part-time in your family’s retail business? Perhaps you’re a youth communicator with a passion for seeing young men from broken homes step into their future. Maybe you’re a diamond and stone  father who’s married to the most incredible woman in the world and who’s also working on releasing the book within???

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you “do”, you can craft an elevator pitch that reflects the real you  so the next time you’re asked “what do you do?” you can respond intelligently, naturally and honestly.

When you hear of yourself expressed in such a way, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised! I guarantee the person asking certainly will be…


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