What’s your colour?

I had a friend some years back who claimed he could see your “aura”.  Apparently, we each emit an aura, a subtle luminous radiation around our bodies. This aura can change colour based on our emotional state.

Now I don’t know much about auras, but what if our moods could be represented by colour? What colour would you be?

In the midst of conversation, would our emotional colour be supported by our words and deeds? Would what we’re saying actually be reflected by what we’re thinking and feeling?

I’m not encouraging each of us to share everything that we’re thinking – appropriate self-disclosure is an important skill! What I’m asking each of us to consider is are we genuine in our interactions? What is our motivation behind the relationship?

Do we tolerate behaviours because that person may afford us some advantage? Do we not praise and encourage as we’re afraid of giving the other person a ‘big head’?

If our moods could indeed be represented by colour and we’re visible to those around us, would we change what we’re saying, what we’re doing, or what we’re thinking?

What would your colour say about you?

Let Hope Rise

Image credit: potowizard / 123RF Stock Photo

What do you think?