What’s the alternative?

In the gameBrisbane Roar coach Ange Postecoglou was addressing his charges earlier this week on how to manage their nerves as he prepared them for their maiden A-League Grand Final “…you may be a bit anxious and nervous but you have to enjoy the (grand final) week. Because the alternative is watching two other teams prepare for it and I can tell you that feels a lot worse.”

Oftentimes we can feel apprehensive as we face a new venture, a first-time experience. The alternative is to miss out on this opportunity, to not stretch yourself… to watch others go where you could have. Which future are you desiring? To be in the game or on the sidelines thinking “if only…”?

As Ange said, you can be anxious and nervous AND still enjoy the experience. The alternative could indeed be a lot worse.

Let Hope Rise.

One thought on “What’s the alternative?”

  1. How true Mark. No bystanders. Being part of something amazing can be SO much better than watching on from a ‘safe’ distance.

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