What’s guiding you?

I’ve been driving now for almost 25 years – and boy am I tired!!  #DadJoke 🙂

Seriously though, across those years I estimate I have driven in excess of 400,000km (about 250,000 miles) and have reverse parked hundreds of times. The funny thing about reverse parking is that regardless of how many times you do it, you still need to align yourself with something to ensure you’re correctly parked.

One can choose to align the car with the vehicles parked alongside, or perhaps the gutter or road’s edge. Maybe we can use a tree or sign-post as our guide. Regardless of what we choose, our park will reflect the position of the thing to which we have aligned ourselves.  If the cars beside us are parked incorrectly then by using them as our guide, so to will we be parked off-centre.

Take this concept out of the carpark and it rings true for our life. Our lives will reflect what (or whom) we have chosen as our guide. We will assume the properties, positive and negative, of the reference point we’re using. If that reference point is strong, stable and reliable, then those qualities can shine through. The converse is also true.

So what’s guiding you? Will it help or hinder your destiny?


Image credit: nobilior / 123RF Stock Photo

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