What’s burning?

Summer mornings of late I have awoken to the faint, but very identifiable, smell of smoke. Scanning the horizon there are no apparent signs of fire but the smell remains, infiltrating every corner of my home. I cannot locate the source, but I know it exists.

In our own worlds we may not be able to identify the cause, but we experience the result. The outcome of a negative attitude, a destructive behaviour, an unwillingness to change. We may not be positioned to perceive the root cause, but we feel or see the tangible outcome in our relationships, our careers, our finances. Others probably do see the cause. On these summer mornings there are firemen and women battling fires or managing back-burning far removed from my suburban domain. They are aware of both the cause and the outcome.

There are firefighters in our circle who are perceptively positioned to see into our world. Removed from the emotion that clouds our vision, they identify the negative attitude, the destructive behaviour, the unwillingness to change. These firefighters may in fact be available to help us initially contain and then overcome this issue. The first step for us, though, is to follow the smoke trail to the cause, to the attitude or behaviour that is either subtly smouldering or boldly blazing.

As 2012 draws to a close and we embark on the exciting journey that will be 2013, let’s start by allowing our destiny friends to help us bring the fires under control.


Image credit: rfoxfoto / 123RF Stock Photo

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