What’s behind the curtain?

Arising somewhat earlier than I anticipated on my first day of a family holiday, I elected to go in search of the breakfast essentials, of which coffee was at the top of the list. Several options presented, most of which seemed to lack the quality I was seeking. After all, coffee is not just coffee!

The establishments I choose to bypass all appeared as the standard cafe with a standard coffee and what I assumed would be standard coffee-making skills. If everything else was standard, then why would I expect anything but… standard?

Having secured freshly baked bread and the local newspaper, coffee was now the priority. Coffee Dominion appeared, a rather nondescript building externally with its entrance unusually covered by a curtain. Curiosity drove me to peek behind the curtain, revealing a coffee treasure without compare locally. Comfy couches, a huge selection of fresh beans and a team of incredibly welcoming baristas. I had found coffee!

Sometimes the best things can be hidden. Not immediately obvious and maybe even requiring a search.

We can be rewarded with pleasure, with enlargement of our world, by simply deciding to have a look behind the curtain.


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