What will you be known for?

Over the past little while it seems wherever I go I run into people espousing the importance of legacy. Whether it be within your family, your business, your church or your community, one’s ability to empower, to equip and to enable (these are my 3 Es) future generations (notice the plural?) is presented as a key success indicator.

Look at what you have learnt over time – the skills developed, knowledge acquired; have the lessons you learned in life been effectively passed on? Do you have a mechanism for passing this on? If we don’t, then we’re most likely operating from a temporal mindset. We can all become absorbed with the pressures of now however if we do not understand why we do what we do, and if that why does not include generational impact, then I reckon we’re falling well short of our potential.

Take some time to consider the 3 Es – how is what you’re doing (or planning to do) empowering, enabling and equipping others to fulfil their potential? Who are we walking
alongside, encouraging and supporting? Who are we taking along for the ride, sharing the highs and lows?

Transferring this into a career or business context, consider the drivers for your direction. What are the hot buttons for you? If our motivators are wrapped solely around
our own personal desires, then it’s likely we’ll remain unfulfilled through not unlocking the potential of colleagues, family and friends. It’s a long and challenging road to the top so why would we want to be there by ourselves? Will you be known as the solo artist or the mentor who developed a team?

It may not be entirely fashionable in a worldly sense to consider others so intentionally,
however I challenge each of us to evaluate ourselves, our careers, our relationships against the 3 Es.

Let Hope Rise

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