grape on vine

What I’ve learned from a grape…

A year in the life of a vine is all about seasons. As each new season unfolds, the vines progress through various growth stages towards the much-anticipated harvest.

As the temperatures start to rise, the vines awaken from their winter dormancy. Buds begin to burst and new shoots appear – this is Spring. When the warmth of the Summer arrives, growth accelerates. Autumn is harvest time, the culmination of a whole year. During Winter the vines are dormant, but this is the time for long and exacting work to position the vines for maximum growth in spring.

Each season lends itself towards the purpose of the next season. You cannot harvest without the buds arising from dormancy. And you cannot expect high yield if the winter pruning is not done.

In what season are you in life? If things appear dormant, this is the time for culling and pruning – the tedious yet critical work that positions us to flourish. It could a season of tremendous growth – what fruit will we yield?

Regardless of what is happening (or not happening) in our world, we need to recognise it is simply a season through which we will cycle. We need to understand what season we are in and take the necessary steps to ensure we are readying ourselves for our next season.

For what season are you preparing?

What do you think?