What if…?

When we assess an opportunity, a new venture, we can often be very detailed focused. SWOT analysis, cost-benefit ratio, risk mitigation strategies and so on. Whilst this level of investigation may be valuable to ensure the opportunity is viable and aligned with our long-term goals, if we apply this approach too broadly across our world we may well be closing the doors unnecessarily.

Sometimes we may just need to ask “What if…?”

What if… what I say to myself about not being good enough is not true?

What if… my fears and doubts can be overcome?

What if… I actually have the skills to do something different?

What if… that wild idea is not so crazy?

What if… my dreams could become reality?

The biggest “what if…” for me came around a decade ago “what if… this Jesus stuff is true?”

What’s your “what if…?”


Image credit: tristan3d / 123RF Stock Photo

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