What did you expect?

Returning to my hometown recently I am still surprised at comments I hear. A popular one is some people’s displeasure with the level of noise generated by military aircraft giving rise to formal complaints to the local council.

My response is not what customer-service-trained employees say – my response is simply “what did you expect?”.

After all, this IS a military town home to significant army and air force bases. If you live in a military town, then you must expect military operations, aircraft noise included.

Us humans can be funny creatures. We can place ourselves in the middle of the city show / county fair and be surprised at the busyness. We can explore local mountains in summer and be hit by the heat! I think we all need to take stock of exactly where we are placing ourselves and familiarise ourselves with the likely environment.

We should not be surprised by the conditions, we should be prepared for them.


Photo: Royalty free image purchased via 123RF Stock Photos

What do you think?