What are you known for?

I recall a colleague from some years ago – his output was incredible however his quality was sometimes questionable; he was known for his lack of quality rather than his productivity. Regardless of whether he’s changed his ways, his results are still viewed by many with doubt.

So what are you known for?

What is it that characterises your approach towards life?  Is this aspect the same across your work, your relationships, your family? Or do you have a Jekyll & Hyde approach to the various areas of your world?

How people perceive us influences the trust they place in us. If we are thought of as unreliable and flaky, then we’re unlikely to be trusted with larger responsibilities. If people think we’re honest and dependable, then doors will be opened.

Of course, what people think of us should not control our behaviour. If it does, then we’ll simply become a people-pleaser with no understanding of who we really are. Being known for something is more about how we impact those around us. If we wish to be afforded more significant opportunities, then we must demonstrate we are faithful in the small things. The way we approach the relatively minor everyday tasks speaks to others about our diligence, our focus, our intent.

Each of us have the opportunity to determine for what we are known. It can start today with a decision to do something a little bit differently.


Image credit: mrkob / 123RF Stock Photo

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