Adam Scott

What a US Masters victory can teach us

Today is a historic day for Australian sport. Thirty-two year old Adam Scott claimed the coveted green jacket in becoming the first Aussie to win golf’s prestigious US Masters. Tied after the final hole of the final round, a sudden death play-off with Argentinian Angel Cabrera spanned two holes before Scott sunk the putt to claim victory.  An amazing finish to a fabulous tournament!

One can look at the four days of this event and admire the skill and focus. One can look back even further to the twenty-odd years Adam Scott has been refining his craft since his father first placed a club in his hands as a child. The countless hours of practice, the commitment of family and friends, the dollars invested, all towards a potential pay-day!

Added to this is the often unseen opportunity cost. The time he choose to invest, even as a young fellow, came at a cost of something else. Whether it was hanging with his mates, special events or maybe even family celebrations, he had to forgo some very enjoyable and possibly unique things to achieve what he has today.

Being who we are called to be is not an easy choice. Developing and refining our natural talent requires time, commitment and the willingness to miss out on other things. We choose how to invest our time and every choice involves some form of sacrifice. Are we investing for a greater pay-day into the future or are we solely intent on having fun today?

There is, of course, a balance to be achieved. Enjoying the moment we’re in as well as building for our future. We cannot be singularly focused on one without our personal happiness suffering. But we do need to sometimes forgo the immediate pleasure and work towards our future, both for ourselves and for those around us.

If Adam Scott’s victory can teach us anything, it’s that hard work, commitment, perseverance and sacrifice can pay off!


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