Unstoppable! Well, kinda…

Have you seen the 2010 film ‘Unstoppable’ starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine? It’s inspired by the real life events of an unmanned train carrying highly toxic chemicals across the US mid-west and the courageous efforts of the team seeking to stop it safely.

The title is actually a lie. In the film, as in real life, the train was, in fact, stoppable (I suppose the title ‘Almost Unstoppable’ doesn’t carry quite the same impact!). Just like the film, I have come across things in my life which have been assigned a certain status or title which may not necessarily be true. Just because an event or a circumstance is labelled impossible, intolerable or unbearable does not mean this is actually the case.

The situation may be very difficult and demanding with a way out not immediately apparent however if we label it as beyond our control then that’s exactly what it will be and our non-action will be justified. We do not need to diminish the significance of a situation but we may need to adjust our perspective. If we speak words of despair or accept the hopeless words of others, then endurance of the unwanted status quo will most likely be the result. Instead, declare words of possibility and we may start to see the opportunity.

In the film our heroes Denzel and Chris defied the accepted protocol and committed to a course of action that made the unstoppable stoppable and in the process potentially saving thousands of lives.

What in our lives need to be retitled?

Let hope rise.

4 thoughts on “Unstoppable! Well, kinda…”

  1. Love it mark! We need to be measured in the title we give things, and make sure we address them accordingly. Why accept “unstoppable” when you can make it stoppable? Why accept “Impossible” when we can make it “possible”?

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