Too much information?

Let’s cut to the chase – how do you judge people?

Okay, I know we shouldn’t  judge others but I’m guessing we all apply filters to some degree (surely, I’m not alone on this one??!!). Even if we’re not directly judging, we probably assess, consciously or otherwise, someone’s standing as a friend or colleague.

I was thinking about this in connection to relationships I have recently built. On the surface,  based on limited information, I found a particular person engaging, interesting, funny. I was pleased this person had entered my world.

Over a few weeks, more of this person was revealed to me (a bit like layers of an onion being peeled away!). The person’s behaviour towards me did not change – the engaging, interesting, person was still there – but because I knew more I found my
attitude being changed, my opinion being clouded.

Possibly a case of too much information?

Now I don’t pretend to be the world’s most welcoming and accommodating person but if I want to positively influence my world I need to build relationships with people, across all boundaries. Yep, I’ll come across people whose life choices I may neither understand nor esteem, but this does not diminish the value of our relationship.

Value is inherent in the person, not in how they look nor the decisions they’ve made. Value is not based on how closely aligned someone else is to our expectations. Value is
fundamental to all relationships.

What do you value?

Let Hope Rise.

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