There’s always a cost for the things you don’t finis_

The company had ceased trading, the accounts had been finalised, everything had been wrapped up – or so I thought. I had neglected the simple step of deregistering the company with the result being the annual fees had now become payable again. This wasn’t a huge amount of money in the overall scheme of things but it was a cost purely because I hadn’t finished the job.

How often do we neglect wrapping something up neatly only for it to return and cost us something? It may be time, it may be dollars (as it was for me), it may be inconvenience or discomfort, or it could be something more significant. Regardless of what the cost is, it comes wrapped in frustration knowing it was totally avoidable.

As we move through life we often commence things. We may hold the intent to finish however another opportunity may misdirect us, a roadblock may cause us to park the idea, or we may simply become bored, tired or fearful that we can’t do it. Sometimes the cost comes to our pride. Many times the cost comes at the expense of the next opportunity when we assess it against the number of incomplete events in our lives. Michael Yardney, an Australian author focused on wealth creation through property, recently tweeted “failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more wisely”. There is a lot of truth in that but whilst we begin again, we must be committed to finishing.

It doesn’t matter what the reason or justification is for not finishing, if we do not close it properly we can be guaranteed there will be a cost. If we’re not prepared to pay that cost, then we must finish the job.


2 thoughts on “There’s always a cost for the things you don’t finis_”

  1. Inspiring Mark, I think I should revisit my list of incomplete items, such as my latest blog post!! I suppose if I don’t press “Publish” you will know that I haven’t finished… Pressure is on! (Good pressure, I’ve set an expectation I hope, at least of myself).

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