The ‘S’ word…

We’ve all heard it. We’ve probably even all spoken it. The ‘S’ word – you know what I’m talking about…

S_____ .

That’s right SHOULD.

Channel surfing recently, I caught 30 seconds of Sex And The City (I swear this is NOT part of my regular viewing – honest!) with the Sarah Jessica Parker character talking about the ‘S’ word and how many of us say we ‘should’ do something when in reality we could be doing something.

WOW! How profound from what I would deem an otherwise meaningless TV show!  It at least spurred my thinking…

Life is often busy, complicated and challenging (even in TV land for SJP). That’s a fact.

When we encounter a situation or person where we could potentially make a positive difference we can either discuss / think / rationalise what we SHOULD do or we can simply take a chance at doing what we COULD do.

Should talks about what we think ought to happen. Could actually explores the possibility. After all, even in the children’s tale “The Little Engine That Could” the small engine didn’t think about what it should do, it set about determining what it could do, irrespective of other’s expectations!

When we’re next faced with an opportunity to act, let’s be the ones who decided they COULD do something rather than those who thought they SHOULD have.


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