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The power of community

Despite Simon & Garfunkel’s acclaimed song some decades back, I believe man is not an island. At least, we are not intended to be the lone wolf, endlessly roaming the plains in isolation.

The power of community is interesting to observe. I recall in the workplace a small team that were scattered across the office floor, located solely according to available space. As the physical environment changed, the decision was eventually made to position these individuals together. Perhaps not surprisingly, this group then began functioning more effectively as a team – shared experiences and learnings, enhanced communication, a greater sense of cohesion.

The only change that had occurred was location – bringing the individuals into a community. Not only doing the job together but coming alongside each other as well.

My street is a similar community. The glue within our cul-de-sac is a couple who spend a significant amount of their time in their front yard, so that the opportunity to converse is present almost daily. Through this one couple, we have met and now connect in our own right with another five households. We’re each living diverse lives with the commonality of our address, our community, drawing us together.

Many of us may like the idea of flying solo and may in fact feel we’re doing okay as the lone wolf. The truth is, though, we’re called to live not just for ourselves but to make a positive difference to others. Community affords us this opportunity and enables others to benefit our world.

How are enhancing community in your world?


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