The lost art of chin wagging

Speaking with my dad earlier this month to share Fathers Day wishes, I was reminded how important it is to just chat.

No high-level economic analysis, no run-down of the latest political saga, not me sharing my cares and concerns, rather me simply listening and enjoying a good old fashion chin wag with my dad.

Have we lost the art of having a yarn?

Do all our communications now need to be pointed?

Can not our purpose simply be to connect?

I believe our ultimate purpose for all communications is to connect; to find some point of
commonality from which information can be shared, queries raised, concerns addressed, support requested, or help offered. It’s this point of connection that has been lost, or at least, camouflaged. Disguised by other agendas, hidden under a veil of intentionality and purpose. Yes, we need to be deliberate and considered in our communications, but when it becomes more about the message than the person, this is where connection is lost.

Here’s my challenge to each of us: lets find the time to connect with people – allow more than our scheduled 5 minutes for the discussion and actually enjoy a conversation. We
may just find building a bridge is not as difficult as we think and considerably more rewarding.

People first, message later.

Let hope rise.

One thought on “The lost art of chin wagging”

  1. Hi Mark! Thanks for reminding me how great it is to have a chat! It is amazing how easy it is to be caught up in “doing” everything we need to do, that we forget to connect with people. I love you work!!

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