The Big Mo!

Momentum, the Big Mo! Expressed in Newton’s Second Law, momentum of an object is (in basic terms) the product of its mass and velocity. The greater the mass and the greater the speed, the greater the momentum.

Think of the cartoons where we’ve seen a snowball rolling down a mountainside, starting small, increasing in speed, gathering more snow, eventually becoming a huge mass of destruction. The Big Mo in action!

You want to achieve something of significance? You need the Big Mo. You need a measurable, definitive effort (this is your mass) coupled to consistent, forward motion
(your velocity) and momentum builds which keeps you rolling towards the target.

Build enough momentum and you will attract more support, adding to your mass.
Build enough momentum and you will remain on course, towards your goal.
Build enough momentum and you will gain both traction and speed.
Build enough momentum and you will succeed.

The power of a concerted, consistent effort towards a clear goal cannot be underestimated. If you need convincing, look to the history books which are littered with examples of an individual’s fervent passion becoming a cause supported by many which, in turn, changes the path of history: the Suffragette Emmeline Parkhurst championing the cause of a woman’s right to vote in the early 20th century, Australia’s Eddie Mabo’s determination in obtaining native title for his people in 1992 after a ten-year journey, even the work of 16th century Copernicus placing the Sun at the centre of the universe which is often regarded as the starting point of modern astronomy.  All started with one person and one big idea.

Your idea may not be to change the course of the world (although it could be!). Your idea could importantly be to secure your career through further study, or start down the
path to your own business enterprise, or to step out to restore a broken family relationship, or even step up to lead a team – causes that will change the course of YOUR world and those within it.

Create the mass, add some speed and get the Big Mo rolling!

Let hope rise.

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