That’s just the way I am…

That’s just the way I am.


This has to be one of my least favourite phrases in the English language. No, correct that – it IS my least favourite!  A statement aimed at justifying why we do or don’t do something. A statement that reeks of excuse, not reason. A statement that blindly accepts the status quo.


I’ve often found that people expressing this thought (including myself) do so simply because they either feel they cannot change or they have not actually thought that change is possible. If it’s the former, then that is a mindset which has possibly been developed and reinforced over many years. It’s a mental stronghold which, although tough, can be gradually broken starting with a simple thought – what IF I CAN change?

Entertaining the thought that IF change was possible and then exploring what this situation could look like can provide the impetus to breaking free of the stronghold. Other people have simply not thought that change is possible so again asking the question “what if…?” could be the stimulus for change.

If you find yourself about to utter the phrase that’s just the way I am I urge you to STOP, and allow yourself to consider that all-important question “what IF I could change?”.

If you come back with a response that indicates a different, preferred outcome is possible, then at the very least consider this potential. This could be the key to freeing you from a way of thinking that has kept you in the past. It could possibly be that the dissatisfaction, or even unhappiness, you are experiencing is a direct result of you being the way you are.

Take a step towards change.  What if…?

Let hope rise.

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3 thoughts on “That’s just the way I am…”

  1. My least favourite is”best practice”. In my profession is means:
    1. If you don’t do it my way then you’re doing it the wrong way; or
    2. Don’t bother trying to innovate as we already have the brst way.


    1. I love best practice, if its my practice, and even then, I am still looking for ways to make it better… I think best practice is only useful as a “minimum benchmark” for my practice… 😛

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