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Take heed of the warning signs

My last post relayed my experience being part of a lock-down drama with an armed man on the loose. The odd thing about this event is that there were warning signs which I discounted.

Walking towards my destination to sample a recommended coffee-house, I came across a police car with lights flashing parked upon the footpath (sidewalk for my American friends). It wasn’t significantly unusual so it barely rated a second glance. As I turned the corner of this block, I was confronted with a second police car, and then a third just a few more metres ahead. Lights flashing, seemingly randomly, urgently parked. This was unusual. But I ignored it.

In retrospect, these three vehicles were warning of the unfolding emergency. However, despite noticing them and privately noting this was out of the ordinary, I gave them no further thought.

Are you like me and quick to dismiss the warning signs? Events, information or advice that is obviously present and within our realm of consciousness, yet we choose to discount. Could it be we assume the signs are not meant for us? Maybe we’re so super-confident of our chosen route that the warnings could in no way be relevant. Perhaps we are simply hoping that they don’t apply, wishing for our desired outcome.

Warning signs exist for a reason! We can choose to heed the warnings and amend our path accordingly or we can continue to discount their significance until the warnings transition to outcomes.

Don’t ignore the signs!


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  1. Great illustration, how many times do we push past warning signs as we only want to acknowledge our own goals or results. Relevant in so many areas of life, including finance… WRSfs

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