Take a different route!

Major roadworks have recently commenced on our usual school-run route. This in itself would not necessarily create too much drama in my world as there has always been a very handy alternative. However, the powers-that-be have decided that this road too needs to be temporarily closed! This means I have had to find and travel a different route.

This different route is one that has been known to me for sometime and one that I have actually taken occasionally. For whatever reason though it has not been one that I regularly travel, until now. Out of necessity this route has now become the mainstay of the school-run each morning and afternoon and it’s amazing how more efficient and less stressful it is.

Avoiding built-up areas, this different route is mostly semi-rural leading to a feeling of a drive through the country. We pass by hobby farms and small properties with horses and cattle. My younger boys now scan for activity at the farms. Are the huge sprinklers on? How may people are picking the vegetables? Where are the trucks ready to be loaded?

In being “forced” to take a different route we have all enjoyed a new experience with fresh perspective. Even when the usual route reopens, I reckon this little slice of rural peace will remain part of our day!

Sometimes we may need to take a different route simply to escape from the mundane, to sharpen our focus, to find something new. Let’s not wait until we’re forced to find an alternative, start looking around today!


Image credit: slovegrove / 123RF Stock Photo

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