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Do I need an umbrella?

Looking out the window across the cloud-covered sky to the street below I made an assessment that it was not raining heavily enough to impede my lunch time walk.

This assessment remained correct for five minutes, after which the grey clouds decided to dump significantly more moisture. I castigated myself for not bringing my umbrella which I had originally deemed as not being required. How could my assessment have been wrong?

The fact is, my assessment was correct, at that point in time. Circumstances beyond my control then changed the situation.

How often do we make decisions that are relevant to a particular point in time and then become frustrated or disappointed when the situation changes?

What may seem entirely reasonable and attainable with one particular set of circumstances, can quickly become distant and improbable. This shouldn’t prevent us from making decisions, rather it should encourage us to consider what factors are likely to change and then plan accordingly.

This is contingency planning. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just considered. In my case, I should have taken an umbrella – a minor encumbrance that would have meant I was prepared for the situational change. Some things cannot be planned for, but most can! The grey clouds were the indicator that my point-in-time assessment could be short-lived.

For what situation do you need to take an umbrella?


From the archives: Do your gutters need clearing?

I awoke the other Saturday to the sound of thunder booming across the heavens and torrential rain creating a river down my street. Such was the volume of rain that pools were forming in our backyard and our roof gutters were overflowing.

You could attribute the overflowing gutters purely to the rain however I was fully aware I had exacerbated the problem through not clearing the green waste that had accumulated; isn’t it amazing how the storm identifies the need?

How often is it that we ignore a little bit of maintenance only to be reminded of it in the midst of the storm? How more effective would it be if we regularly cleaned our ‘gutters’ to reduce the impact of the storm?

A clear gutter certainly won’t prevent a storm, but it will minimise the negative impact during the storm as well as the clean-up afterwards. A gutter for you and me could be the conversation we should be having with a loved one, our boss, a colleague or a friend. It may be the personal attitude or behaviour that is causing grief in our world or limiting our potential. A gutter could even be that niggling thought that rears its ugly head at the most inopportune time.

As I discovered on that recent rainy Saturday morning, if only I had cleaned my gutters beforehand I would have saved myself a whole lot of mess and a heap of time.

What gutters in your life need clearing?


Photo: Royalty free image purchased via 123RF Stock Photos