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Getting your life off pause

The song is on the playlist but there’s no sound. It’s all quiet and serene when it should be happening and upbeat!

The equipment is in order so what can it be?

We’ve hit the pause button! We didn’t hit pause consciously so what happened?

Many of us experience this in a much more significant fashion – our life seems to be on pause. It hasn’t finished, we know that, yet nothing’s happening.

How can we get our lives off pause? It’d be great if it was as simple as pushing the play button… it can be, kind of 🙂

Getting your life off pause starts with alignment. We need to align our actions with our aspirations, those goals that demand us to stretch. We can gaze upon where we’d like to be or consider the person we believe we could be and see only the gap between here and there. This leaves us parked in the gap, on pause.

Stepping out of the known, taking a risk, can be both challenging and confronting. This action, though, will help build a personal culture of growth and opportunity. It will close the gap between here and there.

Aligning our actions with our aspirations starts with everyday decisions. We can have amazingly productive days or weeks, crossing multiple items off our ‘to do’ list, but if finalising them do not move us towards our goals, then we need to re-prioritise. Consider the macro goals and make decisions that reduce the gap between here and there by one step. Start. Daily.

Find your play button and let’s close the gap between here and there!


Inconvenient success

It’s rare to have one’s ducks all in row, leading to a strategically planned and executed successful outcome. It’s more often the case that an unexpected challenge prompts a need for action or a different direction.

Can we still have a successful outcome arising from uncertainty?

The opportunity for success, for growth and development, rarely arrives in a neatly packaged convenient bundle. The intersection of our plans and goals with the unexpected, creates inconvenience. It is how we respond to this inconvenience that shapes our attitude towards success. The ability to regroup, take stock and adjust course is fundamental to continued personal and professional growth and, ultimately, success (however we may measure this).

Success through inconvenience builds our resilience and sharpens our skillsets. Rather than viewing inconvenience as something to be avoided, perhaps we should search within the inconvenience for the opportunity.


Just do something!

My life has been characterised by potential. Mostly unrealised potential. This has caused me significant frustration, equating this to a lack of value in myself, thinking that I have let other’s down. Thankfully I am now aware of this and have been working upon this not-so-desirable aspect of myself. The key I hold onto are three words my wife once said to me “…just do something!”.

The context was me expressing how I thought I had let down my wife and my family. It was a major league pity party. After my emotional release, I was surprised by my wife’s response “I really don’t care what you do, just do something!!”.


This was not the 5 step plan that would have removed all responsibility from my shoulders. This was not the “my poor darling” join in the pity-party approach. This was tough love. This was my wife undeniably backing me whilst challenging me to step up and be the difference I so sorely wanted to be.

I’m not there yet. I sometimes feel old and that I’ve missed something somewhere. But I also know that this potential within me will continue to be realised and progressively ‘topped up’. My desire to empower, enable and equip others has taken many forms over the years and I know I have been gifted an ability to help others realise their vision. I can practically create a sense of order around a dream that otherwise seemed chaotic.

Stepping into potential begins with just that, a step. Even if we’re not confident we’re stepping in the right direction, at least we’re moving! Let’s start by just doing SOMETHING!


Putting it out there…

We all know social media is an interesting phenomenon. We’ve all read posts that have left us bewildered, asking “why do I need to know that??!!!”. The keyboard tends to remove filters that we’d otherwise wisely employ.

A Facebook friend recently posted about a minor surgical procedure planned for that day. A fellow Facebook friend chose to comment. I thought it would be a “best of luck / hope all goes well” style of comment however the ‘friend’ elected to detail the challenge and the pain she had experienced with that procedure. Of course, the disclaimer was that her experience was not a standard one, as she wrote at the end of her piece.

When we put stuff out there, be it via social media or in person, we must expect a response. If we’re not prepared to manage the potential range of responses, then perhaps we should reconsider our desire to share in the first place? Being a man, I know all about the negative impact of not appropriately sharing, of allowing emotions to bottle up inside until an inappropriate explosion! However we must decide what is appropriate to share, to whom and in what format.

The adage “just because we can, doesn’t mean we should” rings true with sharing our personal feelings. Not everyone is actually equipped to handle what we feel the need to share. It is vital, then, that we have people in our lives who we have given permission to speak into our world. These are the people who are at a stage in their life that we’re travelling towards. People who have journeyed where we are now and have come through stronger. People who can support us and guide us. People who can handle what we put out there. These are friends of our future, of our destiny.

As we navigate 2014, decide who is best placed for you to learn from. Put yourself out there strategically. Build that relationship. Ask for support. And then we can appropriately share. After all, all of your 675 Facebook friends may not have your best interests at heart! Just putting that out there….


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Can you give an hour a day?

Having been challenged to write a book, I know the journey is not as simple as telling the story. It is significantly more complex and demanding than I could ever have imagined!  But the process reminds of the old joke: ‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time…’

I heard a radio interview with an author where he was asked how he found the time to create his work? After all, he was dad to two small children, had a demanding full-time job that often took him away from home, and had all the usual day-to-day responsibilities associated with running his household.  Anticipating his answer would be the revolutionary key I needed, I eagerly awaited his response…

One hour a day.

That was the revelation. One hour a day. One bite at a time.

He explained that after his daughters went to bed he committed himself to writing one hour every night. And over the course of many years, his novel slowly took shape, until the day when he invited his eldest daughter into his office to type those incredible words “The End”.

One hour a day.

If we think we’ve over committed, it could be that we’re trying to consume the entire project. Perhaps, we need to break it down into manageable portions spread over a longer period.

One hour a day. Is your dream worth this investment?


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Dream BIG!

Thirty-six years ago it was launched with a clear cut four-year mission. August 25, 2012, was the day that history was made. And in a very BIG way!

NASA recently confirmed the Voyager 1 spacecraft has become the first human-made object to exit the solar system and enter interstellar space. Ironically, this craft was launched the same year as Star Wars was released!

It carries 1977 technology including an 8-track tape recorder and computers with less processing power than an iPhone, yet it continues to surpass all expectations. It is apparently 18.8 billion kilometres from Earth and expected to continue transmitting data until 2025. Voyager 1’s original mission focused upon Saturn however it’s now opening up a window to a whole new realm of exploration.

Sometimes we can think having a go at something is not really worthwhile. After all, the likely outcome that we see may not seem that significant.

Could it possibly be that what we think will happen could just be the starting point?

What we set in motion today could have a significantly longer-lasting and wider-ranging impact than imaginable today. What we see today as possible is based upon our current knowledge, experience and attitude. What we cannot see is the mighty unknown and, in many cases, this should the very reason for stepping out of the known.

The scientists back in the 1970’s saw value in the Saturn mission so they persevered. Little did they know that history would be made in such spectacular fashion more than 30 years after the planned mission wrapped up.

Where could your plans take you?