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Getting your life off pause

The song is on the playlist but there’s no sound. It’s all quiet and serene when it should be happening and upbeat!

The equipment is in order so what can it be?

We’ve hit the pause button! We didn’t hit pause consciously so what happened?

Many of us experience this in a much more significant fashion – our life seems to be on pause. It hasn’t finished, we know that, yet nothing’s happening.

How can we get our lives off pause? It’d be great if it was as simple as pushing the play button… it can be, kind of 🙂

Getting your life off pause starts with alignment. We need to align our actions with our aspirations, those goals that demand us to stretch. We can gaze upon where we’d like to be or consider the person we believe we could be and see only the gap between here and there. This leaves us parked in the gap, on pause.

Stepping out of the known, taking a risk, can be both challenging and confronting. This action, though, will help build a personal culture of growth and opportunity. It will close the gap between here and there.

Aligning our actions with our aspirations starts with everyday decisions. We can have amazingly productive days or weeks, crossing multiple items off our ‘to do’ list, but if finalising them do not move us towards our goals, then we need to re-prioritise. Consider the macro goals and make decisions that reduce the gap between here and there by one step. Start. Daily.

Find your play button and let’s close the gap between here and there!


The power of the pause

He who speaks first, loses is a well-known catch-cry of negotiation. It is suggested that he who is first to speak once the offer is on the table confers power to their adversary. Similarly, when public speaking a pause adds power to a thought, enabling an idea to be digested by the audience.

In all our busyness of life, how often do we pause? How often do we allow ourselves to enjoy what we’re doing?

We all wear many hats which leads us to believe that we are BUSY! And we may very well be busy, however, if we carry the mindset of always being busy, then we leave little opportunity to actually enjoy the moment. This is where the pause comes in – stopping just long enough to reflect on what we have achieved, where we are going and to celebrate those little wins that we have achieved along the way.

The pause also allows us to reflect on what may not have gone quite to plan, affording us the opportunity to regroup and improve our strategy.

Ultimately, the pause gives power to the experience. It allows us to savour, to digest and to thoroughly consume.

Without the pause, we’re just busy.


Photo: Royalty free image purchased via 123RF Stock Photos