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Just because I wasn’t there doesn’t mean it wasn’t worthwhile!

I have guilty parent syndrome.

The challenge of fitting 4 weeks annual leave into 16 weeks of school holidays every year leaves me thinking that my boys have missed out; that their holiday experiences have not been worthwhile.

It’s not that my wife or myself do not spend time with our boys during the school breaks, it’s just we simply cannot spend ALL the time with them. We tend to assume to role of holiday program coordinator for when we’re not available – arranging incredible people to hang with them and for visits to friends. This often includes park trips, movies, swimming, sleepovers, theme parks, sport and for one of our boys this recent holiday, even a speed boat adventure!

So on the face of it, I reckon our boys thoroughly enjoy their holidays. And they enthusiastically (well, mostly…) proclaim they do.

It’s just that if I’m not there, I tend to think it wasn’t worthwhile… guilty parent syndrome.

Whilst my presence changes the dynamic and is certainly important, my absence does NOT equate to a lack of value. And this is something that seeps into other areas of my life. It’s almost as if I’m suggesting that without my direct involvement, something isn’t as worthwhile for all the other participants. This is more about my insecurity than anything else.

I need to have confidence in the plans I have developed, the people I have engaged  and allow them to create an experience with their touch. This then allows for those times when I am directly involved, for experiences to be flavoured by me, a genuine point of difference!

Whether it be family or work or anywhere else, we need to ascertain when we can be directly engaged and those times when we can’t, or perhaps, even shouldn’t. Empowering others should make an activity more worthwhile, not less.

Let’s create an experience-rich environment for our families and colleagues, with and without us!



I have encountered two people recently who were both immensely passionate. One about bullock teams and the other camels.

Whilst the target of their passions was different, what was common to both men was the level of interest they generated in me about their passion – I never realised I wanted to know so much about Australia’s bullocking history nor the dromedary camel!

What are you passionate about?

Are you passionate about something that it drives you? So passionate that you must share your interest with everyone you meet? So passionate that your level of emotion positively engages others?

Ned was committed to keeping the lost art of driving a bullock team alive. Coupled to this was sharing the rich history of bullocking in Australia including bullock teams’ critical involvement with everything from logging to wool, from railways to settlement. Similarly, John the camel man, shared his personal knowledge from 20 years experience. I asked questions of both men, such was their passion that I wanted to soak up their knowledge.

Do you have this effect upon anyone?

Passionate people are positive. Passionate people are determined. Passionate people are excited and excited people excite people.

As we embark upon a new year, I encourage each of us to find our passion, to live our passion, and to share our passion.


Photo: Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos