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Are you doing something with that “good idea”?

How often have we had a good idea, perhaps even a great idea?

Our individual assessment as to the usefulness and relevance of our thinking may even be supported by our friends and colleagues. How often, though, do we actually do anything with this “good idea”?

A good idea is simply a thought. Turning the idea or concept into something that creates value is innovation. The challenge is to go beyond the thought and explore how the idea can be developed into a product or service or to enhance the manner in which something is produced or delivered.

It’s normally when we consider what could be involved with growing the idea, we stop. We see the skills we lack, the contacts we don’t have, the knowledge we are without. This thinking however implies it is all about us. We see a huge disconnect between us as the idea generator and us as the innovator. If the idea is indeed good, possibly even great, then others will also see this potential and will gather around it.

We should not allow our perception of our deficiencies to limit innovation.¬†We should seek to grow the idea, seek input from others with the relevant experience, contacts and knowledge. We should harness our ability to think into a team’s ability to transform.

Let’s get thinking! Let’s get innovating!!


Image credit: peshkova / 123RF Stock Photo