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Anyone who has sat through a meeting with me or read any of the policy documents or corporate material I have produced can attest to my love of the word “engage“. Beyond marketing-speak, engage presents us a definite challenge.

As parents we need to be actively engaging our kids. As leaders, we need to be proactively engaging our team members. Whatever situation we find ourselves in, we have the choice to engage or not. We can choose how effectively we connect and interact. Choosing not to engage is disengaging which itself is an action, albeit a negative one.

Engaging our kids can begin by simply asking them about their day and then listening to their answer. It involves deliberately creating opportunities for them to share and for us to respond. It includes taking time to discover their current likes and dislikes, to identify strengths and weaknesses, to gauge how they perceive the world. It is also about fostering an environment where our kids can have a go and feel safe even if it doesn’t work out.

If we understand exactly what “engage” means, we can see the challenge and the tremendous opportunity it affords us:

  • to attract and hold the attention of
  • to draw into; involve

So as we all seek to “engage” those around us, let’s ask how well are we attracting and holding their attention?

How effectively are we as parents drawing into our kids’ worlds and are we indeed drawing them out to a wider world?


Photo: Royalty free image purchased via 123RF Stock Photos