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Inconvenient success

It’s rare to have one’s ducks all in row, leading to a strategically planned and executed successful outcome. It’s more often the case that an unexpected challenge prompts a need for action or a different direction.

Can we still have a successful outcome arising from uncertainty?

The opportunity for success, for growth and development, rarely arrives in a neatly packaged convenient bundle. The intersection of our plans and goals with the unexpected, creates inconvenience. It is how we respond to this inconvenience that shapes our attitude towards success. The ability to regroup, take stock and adjust course is fundamental to continued personal and professional growth and, ultimately, success (however we may measure this).

Success through inconvenience builds our resilience and sharpens our skillsets. Rather than viewing inconvenience as something to be avoided, perhaps we should search within the inconvenience for the opportunity.


Lessons from the Wii

Some things are just frustrating!

There I was, smashing baddies on Wii’s Lego Batman with my 9-year-old, enjoying great hang time, but it was seriously frustrating! I’m one for determining the objective and then pursuing the path that will give us glory! My 9-year-old is a little more random than myself so I felt like we were wandering around Lego Gotham with little purpose nor strategy.

At the end of the day, this was just a game, and my purpose was more about a shared experience with my son. Whilst this might be fine for a game, I reckon many of us experience this in our lives where the consequences are much more significant and enduring. If we’re wandering around with no clear purpose, without strategy, we’re unsure of what we should be achieving and certainly have no definite plan. Welcome to frustration city!

Frustration is an emotional response to opposition. It arises when we encounter obstacles to our will or desires. When we’re unsure about what we’re chasing, frustration will abound as everything could be perceived as a potential roadblock. We must first determine what it is that we are seeking. What is our goal? Once we know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, we can decide upon the route, the strategy.

Stubborn refusal to accept new conditions can also be a primary cause of frustration. Many things are simply out of our control (for instance, the economy) and our failure to respond accordingly will challenge us. So in addition to knowing our purpose we must be willing to accept changes to the environment which may alter our strategy.

The old saying “set your goals in concrete and your plans in sand” rings true. Be sure of where we’re going, but be flexible as to how we get there.


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Take a different route!

Major roadworks have recently commenced on our usual school-run route. This in itself would not necessarily create too much drama in my world as there has always been a very handy alternative. However, the powers-that-be have decided that this road too needs to be temporarily closed! This means I have had to find and travel a different route.

This different route is one that has been known to me for sometime and one that I have actually taken occasionally. For whatever reason though it has not been one that I regularly travel, until now. Out of necessity this route has now become the mainstay of the school-run each morning and afternoon and it’s amazing how more efficient and less stressful it is.

Avoiding built-up areas, this different route is mostly semi-rural leading to a feeling of a drive through the country. We pass by hobby farms and small properties with horses and cattle. My younger boys now scan for activity at the farms. Are the huge sprinklers on? How may people are picking the vegetables? Where are the trucks ready to be loaded?

In being “forced” to take a different route we have all enjoyed a new experience with fresh perspective. Even when the usual route reopens, I reckon this little slice of rural peace will remain part of our day!

Sometimes we may need to take a different route simply to escape from the mundane, to sharpen our focus, to find something new. Let’s not wait until we’re forced to find an alternative, start looking around today!


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Hanging the washing at night

Such is our life that doing the laundry late at night is not an uncommon occurrence. The challenge lies not in the washing but in the drying. Adverse to the clothes dryer’s astronomical consumption of electricity the line is our preferred option of drying the laundry, even at night.

Acutely aware of our neighbours and sleeping family, the late night assault on the clothes line becomes a stealth operation. Under the cover of darkness we seek to tread softly, placing our feet gently down on where we expect the stepping-stones to be, before converging on the line and feeling around for the peg basket. This is mostly a successful operation however I have learned one simple key – it’s easier to find your way travelling to the light than away from it.

You see, as we leave the light of the laundry we’re peering into the darkness, yet our journey back to the laundry is much more sure-footed because we’re guided by the light.

How often do we seek to go with the light at our back, instead of guiding our way? A lit path builds confidence, assures courage and defines the destination. If the light is at our back we can only identify from where we have come, not where we are going.

Next time we set out, let’s have the light framing our future not showing the past.


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Expect the cobwebs…

Taking our dog for a walk a little while back, my son and I elected to experience a new route, to venture off the usual path. Whilst the dog hardly noticed the difference (she is blessed neither with intelligence nor perception and no longer has fleas!), I quickly realised that we were perhaps the first people, or at least the first in a while, to have wandered this particular path.

What was the give-away? I was smothered in seemingly endless cobwebs with each step. We also came across fallen trees that were now providing a home to countless insects, pools of thick mud and amazingly dense bush.

Sometimes when we set out on a journey, even when we’re deliberately seeking a new route, we may think the path will be similar to what we’ve experienced before. In reality, the journey will most likely be very different, presenting us with many unknowns which could at the same time be both exciting and challenging.

When we elect to chart a new course, we must expect the cobwebs!

They are those things that come across our path which temporarily distract us. They are usually unseen and mostly always annoying! And as we scramble over the fallen trees and side-step the mud we will inevitably become a little messed up. We will not look the same as when we commenced the journey, and that’s okay, because once we arrive we can refresh and refocus for the next stage.

Another point I realised on this walk with my son, was this would have been mostly annoying if I had walked it alone. Sharing the journey, the obstacles became an adventure.

So as we set out to chart a new course, team up, put a smile in your face and expect the cobwebs!


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A recent post promoted the upcoming planned crossing of Bass Strait by sea kayak to help Destiny Rescue rescue children from slavery.  Many of these children rescued had no hope in the midst of their horrible circumstance. However, others had hope for them. So what really is hope?

Hope can be seen by some as foolhardy wishful thinking but hope is more than just a desire. Hope is to look forward with desire AND reasonable confidence; it is to believe, to trust that what is wanted can be had. Hope provides direction and inspiration, often against seemingly impossible odds. Hope delivers a desire for a better outcome even when you may not immediately see the way. Hope gives life. With hope, the flame of opportunity burns brighter.

Without hope, conditions are accepted, status quo is maintained, life is squeezed. Without hope, there is no direction, no purpose, no desire. The flame is extinguished.

Hope can however be shared. Even when you think all hope is lost, the hope of others can sustain you. In an enslaved child’s darkness, organisations such as Destiny Rescue
retain hope strengthening their resolve. Shared hope keeps the flame flickering.

Think about a situation you or a friend are facing. Are you hopeful for the best outcome? Are you looking forward with desire AND reasonable confidence? Hope can provide fresh insight, renewed vision and determination. As you think, so will your actions reflect.

So let’s hope, think bigger, act bigger, for ourselves and for others. Keep the flame burning.

Let hope rise.

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