Success begins with a YES!

Have a look at anyone who you reckon is ‘successful‘ – whether it be a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs of the business  world, a Lionel Messi or Darren Lockyer of the sporting arena or even someone much closer to home for you and possibly not so well-known. What do you think characterizes their life? Would it be a YES mentality or a NO approach? When faced with a ridiculously large challenge, do you think their response was ‘no, it can’t be done’ or do you think ‘yes, I reckon I can do this’ was more likely?

In any situation we can elect to say YES to an opportunity, YES to seeking a solution, YES to asking for help, YES to growing. The alternative though is often much easier in the short-term. By letting an opportunity slip past, by agreeing with others that it is too difficult, by not seeking the wisdom of others, by remaining where we are, is, most times, the easiest and quickest decision. It is also the one that will keep us parked on the highway of life as those who say YES drive on by. Sure, by saying YES further challenges may present, but so will opportunities.

Another perspective is to understand that whenever we say YES to something, we are actually saying no to something else (& vice versa!). If you say YES to doing something new, you’re saying no to staying in your comfort zone. If you say YES to reaching for a higher goal, you’re saying no to accepting the status quo.

Sometimes we need to be aware of what we’re saying no to, before we fully understand the power and impact of the YES.

Let hope rise.

What do you think?