Stories from the front office

We moved into our current home around 18 months ago. One of the attractions for me was the office nook at the front of the house – a place for me to plan, to organise, and to write. A professional’s man-cave if you will!

And write I have. My blogging has continued to grow despite a few roadblocks and many moments of doubt. However, my work on the book that is within me has not progressed anywhere near what I had thought it would. The dream is still very much alive but as yet it remains mostly a dream.

It’s a funny thing really. I’m seeking to write from the direct experience of myself and my wife, recounting challenge, detailing a journey and describing the victory. So the material is not unfamiliar nor do I need to “invent” it. However, I do need to create it.

I reckon this experience is reflective of so many opportunities in our lives. We may have a powerful dream, a vision of our future yet it does not seem to be coming together. We can look at this dream and think that is just a dream.

We have to remember everything around us began with a dream. Before Wright Flyer I flew for 12 seconds, Orville and Wilbur dreamt it was possible. Before television programs were beamed into our lounge rooms, John Logie Baird believed the transmission of moving images was possible. Regardless of where we look in our world, everything started with someone believing it was possible and then sought to move the idea from a dream to reality. In the process the reality has often taken on a different shape to the dream,  but nonetheless the idea has been realised.

I know I will write the book and it will be published. What are you dreaming of?


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