Stoking the fire

When I was younger (and much less mature!) an occasional and very enjoyable late night pastime was fire -building, stoking and playing with bonfires with my mates. Of all the male silliness attached to this, one very important principle was learned – without oxygen the fire will starve.

Fire requires three essential elements – fuel, heat and oxygen. If any one of these is not present I have no fire but once I have the fire, it can be suffocated by withdrawing or blocking the air supply. Think about this principle in the context of your relationships. Consider communication as the oxygen. If you deprive a relationship of communication you are removing an essential ingredient which will ultimately destroy the relationship.

It doesn’t matter with whom you have the relationship – your spouse, a parent, your kids, a colleague, your boss – if there is no communication then the relationship will not grow and it will die. Yes, there are varying levels of effective communication, however it must first be an element of the relationship if there is to be any chance of the relationship being fueled. Similarly, you will suffocate any relationship by withdrawing communication.

As you encounter potentially frosty family and friends over this Christmas period, check first the oxygen you’re supplying to the relationship.

Let hope rise.

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3 thoughts on “Stoking the fire”

  1. I’ve been on a “no excuses” kick recently, and as a teacher I get so frustrated when kids don’t take responsibility for their own choices. I have realized that, as an adult, as a wife, as a daughter-in-law, I have not exactly been the best role-model. I have been content to sit back and blame someone else instead of doing what I AM able to do to attempt to repair or build relationships. Thanks for the reminder.

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