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Spend or Invest?

How often do you talk about ‘spending’ time with someone?

Spend, by definition, is about expenditure, paying out. The word ‘invest’, on the other hand, talks about expenditure in the context of a return.

This might be semantic (or even pedantic!) to many, but I believe our use of words frames the outcomes we expect, consciously or otherwise. My thinking is if we start with the end in mind, then whatever we do is likely to be more fruitful. This would seem to entirely relevant to practical activities such as building Ikea furniture or going on a road-trip where we have a sense of what the end should look like, of what the return will be.

Let’s place this in the context of time with your wife or husband, or maybe your kids… if we think about this interaction time as an investment, are we likely to use it differently? Maybe a return on investment enables us to be more strategic with some of our interactions, turning them into genuine connections. Perhaps we may be more intentional about communicating or doing something towards a shared goal?

I’m not saying a change of words will revolutionise your relationships, but if you think a relationship could be enhanced, then try investing rather than spending!


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