Sorry about that…

Have you ever realised just how often some people, maybe yourself, says “sorry”?

I’ve been noticing this a lot recently, particularly after a good friend identified that I said “sorry” quite often, and usually for events for which I was not responsible. Now I’m not saying we don’t empathise with people, but why should we spend a good deal of our time apologising for circumstances beyond our control? Wouldn’t we be better off either saying what we actually mean or potentially helping create a solution for the issue?

Yes, we still need to accept responsibility for our mistakes and apologise when it matters but we need not do it unnecessarily. So the next time you hear the word “sorry” about to exit your mouth, think if you do need to apologise or perhaps can it be phrased more effectively: for instance “Sorry to bother you” could easily become “Do you have 5 minutes to catch-up?”.

What about your voicemail? Do you really need to be sorry that you can’t take the call?

Let Hope Rise.

What do you think?